The Whimsy was a cheery addition to my classroom. A fun, versatile, and comfortable seating option! Providing a splash of color, this seat is lightweight, sturdy, and durable, which makes it easy to grab and go to any spot in the classroom.

— Shauna O., PA, GEI Reviewer and Teacher

Whimsy adds functionality and flair everywhere it goes. Add spontaneous seating and cheer to any school setting with the simple style of Whimsy. Static and mobile options in varied sizes and shapes make Whimsy the ideal addition to any environment. Boost school spirit with contrasting fabrics or subdue your space with easy-on-the-eyes textile options. Either way you go, Whimsy is at home in any space.
Whimsy is certified to Indoor Advantage Gold and level 3 for its sustainability attributes.

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Comments from other GEI teacher reviewers

“Flexible seating an important factor when it comes to furniture, and the Whimsy provides flexibility without being a challenge to store or integrate into the existing setup in a classroom.”

— Scott M., CT, GEI Reviewer and Teacher

“Alternative seating is important in today’s classrooms as students need the chance to move; the standard classroom desk is a thing of the past. The seat offers an alternative that provides students some sensory input and engages core muscles. It is sturdy and high quality.”

— Katie B., OH, GEI Reviewer and Teacher