As a third grade teacher, I am very surprised by how much my students gravitate toward the WhisperPhone. My students used them during independent reading time, to reread a story they had written, to buddy read, and for small group Reader’s Theater.

—Amy O., GEI Reviewer


WhisperPhone™ is an acoustical voice-feedback headset that enables children to focus and hear phonemes more clearly as they learn to read, spell, or process language aloud.

WhisperPhone Solo™ and Element™ makes learning fun for children. The Solo, an innovative and easy-to-wear linguistic tool, offers teachers a quieter classroom through voice amplification. The Element, perfect for early learners and the tactile sensitive who prefer to hold their WhisperPhone, also makes learning fun for children. Use of WhisperPhone promotes accelerated learning and higher performance results. Parents are rewarded when children are successfully reading on their own. Durable, lightweight headset for hands-free operation requires no batteries and carries a lifetime guarantee. Intended for individual use, but can easily be shared.

WhisperPhone Duet™ is an acoustical telephone that enhances student-to-student and teacher-to-student reading activities. Duet keeps classrooms quieter by creating an acoustically-clear connection between two readers. Duet also helps develop reading skills and encourages expressive reading teachers want. Kids will love Duet for the fun and adventure! WhisperPhone Duet comes with 2 handsets linked by an expandable (up to 6 feet) voice tube.

WhisperPhone Select™ is designed to help manage guided reading. This team-based, direct-to-ear product helps students hear themselves very clearly while reading and allows the teacher to monitor reading performance and assist with word decoding one student at a time. Turn the dial to provide easy and discrete communication between teacher and student. Select also provides a setting that creates three teams of two students for paired reading. For those paired reading times where you would prefer to have students pair up and find a space in the classroom, the components of Select allow for easy reconfiguration of up to three “portable paired reading tools”.

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Comments from other GEI teacher reviewers

“Several of my colleagues have asked me where I got these wonderful products. The reading intervention specialist will be purchasing them for early learners.”

Heidi M., GEI Reviewer

“I love the ease of use. My 2nd Graders had no trouble figuring it out! I also loved how it allowed my classroom environment to remain quiet. The student loved the partner phone, WhisperPhone Duet. They loved being able to share in that manner.”

Austen M., GEI Reviewer