Fabulous Freebies on the Educational App Scene, 8th Edition

A collection of new apps for education that won’t impact the budget but will impact student engagement and success.

One of the biggest challenges educators face is trying to find engaging ways to connect students to the learning process. This can be connectivity through exploring content, sparking ideas, and/or organization and communication measures. A great spot to turn to enhance the learning environment is the app store. When there’s no purchase price attached to the visit and download, worry-free success is the result. With these 5 new additions to apps for education, teachers and students are able to expand their digital learning toolkits for the better.

ArtPassport– Opening that window to the world for students just got a whole lot easier. With ArtPassport, users are able to view artistic displays and exhibits from across the globe. The ability to view 360° panoramas of modern and contemporary exhibits found in galleries and museums brings a new artistic experience to students everywhere. Whether a particular piece is being studied by all or a tour based on personal interest is conducted, this app that is compatible with Google Cardboard gives users the chance to study works from angles that aren’t possible when merely viewing still images. New exhibitions are added daily, and information about the established and up-and-coming artists showcased is a great addition for any art curriculum.

Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner, Documents, Receipts– Finding a group of adults that has the organizational process down can leave one hard-pressed. When the search for such a group is student-based, it can be even more difficult. By sharing organizational ideas and tools with students as they begin forming their work habits, educators are more likely to have an impact on helping said students with their ability to stay organized well beyond their years in the classroom. Paperwork overload can be overwhelming at any age, and students are not exempt from having important pieces of information get lost in the shuffle. Adobe Scan allows users to scan any document or paper and create a pdf that can be stored for easy reference. A perfect resources to allow any user to manage the multitude of information that they encounter on a daily basis.

Combo Box- Combo Translate– Sometimes the best way to support students is to ensure that their families are involved in their educational endeavors. With such a diversity in today’s student populations, sometimes communication can be hindered due to language barriers. Combo Box offers a way for teachers and families to stay in touch in a variety of languages. Typed communications can be translated in over 99 languages and even switched between dialects. A great tool for helping families stay connected and support learning at home.

Rotary VR– Whether the goal is to learn more about issues plaguing today’s world, identify a cause to support, or spur an interest for a PBL project or genius hour study, Rotary VR offers users a unique vantage point for garnering information. The two causes currently showcased on the app focus on eradicating polio and peacemaking. Using a cardboard viewer or other VR viewing accessory, students can gain new insight on issues that are likely far removed from the ins and outs of their own daily lives. While this app can be used as an information tool, it can also be used as a model for students to reference when preparing to showcase their own research on a chosen cause or issue.

Mouse Timer– Time, everyone wishes they had more of it, and it’s important for little ones to understand and learn to manage it. With Mouse Timer, teachers and parents have an engaging way to help younger children visualize the concept of time. Teachers can use this app in the classroom and share the free information with parents to enable reinforcement at home. Students can gain an understanding for the concept of time as they see how many apples the mouse will have time to eat during a selected increment. The timer can be used to count down time allotted for screens, chores, activity completion, etc. An engaging introduction to time management.

Finding ways to enhance the learning process and help students manage their learning is always on a teacher’s priority list. When free resources come to light that fit the mold, everyone can breathe a budgetary sigh of relief. With these 5 newcomers to the ed app scene, students, teachers, and families can stay connected, manage information, and explore new concepts.